Kickstart your sustainability journey

Our Carbon Footprint Assessment service offers science-based insights and ongoing support to cut emissions through your value chains.

The Metabolic Carbon Footprint Assessment empowers your organization to achieve your sustainability goals and move towards carbon neutrality.

Understanding climate impact is a first step for many organizations. Having a precise carbon footprint is crucial for setting impactful and realistic targets.

Metabolic’s Carbon Footprint Assessment is a holistic service that evaluates greenhouse gas emissions throughout your value chain. It’s more than crunching numbers. We offer insights on high-impact areas and products, and together we help you to set targets and effectively monitor reductions.

Going beyond conventional scope 1 and 2 calculations, we integrate an advanced analysis of scope 3 emissions, helping you align with GHG Protocol, Science-Based Targets, and CSRD/ESRS.


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What can you expect?

Granular Analysis

We are committed to accuracy. By continuously updating with new product data, we offer a dynamic view of emissions, allowing for real-time adjustments.

Impact Identification

We highlight the most significant greenhouse gas impacts, helping your business see the bigger picture within your value chains.

Strategic Opportunities

Drawing from diverse data sources, we suggest actionable steps tailored for impact reduction across operations and supply chains.

Regulatory Alignment

With the leading climate and sustainability frameworks always evolving, our assessments ensure you are current, compliant, and ahead of the curve. 

Flexibility and Scalability

We evolve with your organization’s needs, and we can integrate with broader sustainability assessments.

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Our track record

Since our founding in 2012, Metabolic has helped over 400 forward-thinking cities and regions and companies put circular economy strategies into action, in sectors ranging from food and finance, to industries.