Metabolic Institute

The Metabolic Institute is a non-profit think tank, working at the intersection of academic research and real-world experimentation. The think tank advances open-source knowledge on global sustainability issues, by prototyping how society can thrive while remaining safely within the bounds of the planet.


Connecting society, policy, industry, and academia to scale real-world impact.


Applied research on how to build a regenerative economy guided by the planetary boundaries.


Developing and sharing open-source prototypes, platforms, and tools.

Advancing open-source knowledge on global sustainability challenges.

The Institute works in an applied and experimental way: testing assumptions, advancing academic models through real-world application, and creating new technologies in living labs with the communities they serve. We do this by working with and shaping consortia around critical research questions, working across wider sectors of industry and society to address critical knowledge gaps on global sustainability issues.

Our aim is to push the boundaries of how society understands sustainability. The current ‘zero-waste’ vision of a circular economy will not generate the type of thinking and doing which is needed if we are to address the exponential nature of our time. By providing open datasets and software tools, we hope to support policy, society and technology to work together in a fundamentally restorative way.

Highlighted projects


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