Innovating for circular and sustainable value chains.

In sectors ranging from electronics to consumer goods and textiles, we help organizations navigate the complexities across their entire value chains. From extraction and processing, to assembly, design, use, and disposal, we have the expertise to know what data is needed to conduct comprehensive current state analysis and define impact reduction strategies.



We analyzed the supply chain and production dynamics of wind turbines and solar panels to understand whether current global supply of these metals is sufficient to meet growing renewable energy demands. 

How we work towards circular products and services

Our team of consultants and data analysts help companies examine their entire value chain to reduce carbon emissions and optimize material efficiency.

Carbon footprint analysis

We help companies understand their climate impact, enabling them to meet reporting requirements, establish targets (such as those set by the SBTi), and craft effective net-zero roadmaps. By leveraging product-specific data for scope 3 calculations, these insights become actionable.

Circular product and system design

We work with organizations to incorporate circular economics and deep sustainability practices into their business models and supply chains. We provide circularity scores and identify impact hotspots for applying the various circularity "R" strategies.

Material flow analysis

We use a "metabolic" lens when examining organizations. By tracking the flows of materials, energy, water, and waste, we can recommend evidence-based interventions.

Circular procurement strategies

We help companies move towards a more sustainable and circular consumption model through data-driven sourcing strategies. We quantify the impacts of their products and materials on climate and nature, and identify alternative options to support informed decision-making.

Together with businesses, governments, and non-profits, we accelerate a sustainable economy.


Omar Ali

Commercial & Partnerships Lead – Industries



Commercial & Partnerships Lead – Industries

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Omar works in Metabolic’s circular industries team, supporting companies in their transition to a sustainable state by undertaking analysis and developing strategies based on advanced systems thinking.