Metabolic Software

Software solutions that accelerate the sustainability transition

Our tools provide accurate and insightful sustainability intelligence to decision-makers around the world, and in the process democratizes access to this essential expertise.

Metabolic Software is part of the larger Metabolic family of organizations, which engages in applied research, consulting, and venture building. These entities work together to identify, implement, and scale innovative solutions to global problems. Read more about Metabolic’s impact in our latest impact report.

Codifying Science

Our work takes the latest science on sustainability and ecological design and makes it actionable through easy-to-use software.

Impact Assessment

Fast and accessible insights on the life cycle and systemic impacts of materials, products, buildings, supply chains, designs, investment portfolios, and ventures.

Geospatial Intelligence

Harnessing the power of geographic information systems (GIS) to assess context-specific environmental impacts, and inform effective interventions.

Human-centric product development

Understanding the needs of the people that use our products plays a huge role in increasing their impact, and is a core part of our DNA.

Steward-Owned Enterprise

Metabolic Software puts its purpose at its core. We are a steward-owned enterprise, whereby all profits are cycled back into Metabolic’s broader mission.

Actionable insights

We focus on action, our intelligence is always geared towards options for improvement

Highlighted projects


Alternative Materials Tool

The Alternative Materials Tool guides businesses towards packaging materials with a lower environmental footprint, without transferring the environmental cost to another system. Using lifecycle environmental data from Ecoinvent and other scientific literature, it provides a context-specific ranking of alternative materials and allows material comparisons.



ChemDSS is an eco-design tool that simplifies the design of green chemical formulations. The tool makes it easy to design green formulations, reducing the amount of time it takes to assess the toxicity and environmental impact of a formulation from months to minutes.

Untitled design

Dayrize is an e-commerce marketplace that aims to bring the consumption of products within the safe operating space of our planet. Metabolic has developed the methodology and framework for a holistic sustainability scoring system, as well as all the associated data collection processes.


The Global Metabolism Initiative dashboard

The Global Metabolism Initiative maps the impacts of global economic activity in relation to our planet’s resources, guiding business and policy leaders on the levers needed to keep the economy within planetary boundaries.


Material Flow Analysis tool

The Material Flow Analysis (MFA) tool automates the generation of Sankey diagrams based on standardized input data. These diagrams beautifully illustrate inputs and outputs in a system, allowing us to analyze the circularity of a given system and visually communicate results such as high-impact hotspots. Metabolic uses them in almost all of our projects, and this tool greatly speeds up our process.

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