We use systems thinking to tackle global sustainability challenges.

Our mission is to build a sustainable economy.

We provide strategies and tools to guide decision-makers, realize on-the-ground projects that make ambitious ideas tangible, and build new organizations that offer scalable solutions. 


We're celebrating a decade of positive change.

Metabolic is 10! We’re excited to celebrate how our team and our impact has grown – a decade of advising businesses, governments, and nonprofits around the world on how to thrive in a circular economy.

This 2022 milestone gave us the chance to reflect on how our journey in sustainability unfolded.

Metabolic’s mission is to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable state. We envision a world where human societies and ecosystems flourish, and where our economic activities do not transgress any of the planetary boundaries.

Featured projects

We are working towards a circular economy with partners and clients in numerous sectors around the world. 


NetZeroCities is helping 112 Mission cities overcome the current structural, institutional and cultural barriers they face in order to achieve…

Circular Innovation Collective

The Circular Innovation Collective aims to create a thriving innovation ecosystem that actively tackles the gaps and barriers to achieving…