Growing a collaborative, mission-driven ecosystem.

We support a thriving ecosystem of partners and ventures to address systemic challenges at scale.

We know that no organization, on its own, can address the challenges we collectively face. Through building new ventures, empowering entrepreneurs, and providing investors the critical knowledge to help focus their efforts on the right impacts, we aim to address gaps in the transition to a healthy, restorative economy.

Global Challenges

Empowering entrepreneurs and investors with critical knowledge to help focus and inform their efforts on the right systemic challenges.

Internal Venture building

Developing moonshots that can rapidly transition our economy and society towards a fundamentally more sustainable state.

Impact Finance

Developing new models, mechanisms, and measurements for impact finance that guide capital to where it’s needed most.

Part of our mission is ensuring we scale up concepts that can have systemic impact. As ideas from our consulting and think tank branches mature, we develop them into their own organizations which can scale and thrive with a logic and team that fits their context.


Spectral’s mission is to accelerate the global transition towards 100% renewable energy. Spectral develops integrated hardware and software solutions that change the way we use and manage resources – from micro-grids to battery synergies and energy management in office buildings.


Metabolic Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Aruba, with the mission to empower people and improve cities through guiding community-driven development, building open source solutions, and stimulating social entrepreneurship.


Systemic is our new software arm that builds decision support tools to make it easier for organizations to make the most sustainable decisions across their operations. Our first product, ChemDSS is an eco-design tool that simplifies the creation of green chemicals. Systemic is also working on a tool to automatically visualise complex material flows.