Leveraging the power of ventures to solve systemic issues at scale

We are commited to bringing more systemic ventures into the world – ventures that tackle the highest leverage points in order to create the social, environmental, and economic transformations necessary for a fair and sustainable society. We build homegrown ventures that address key system tipping points, rethink the governance and financing structures around ventures to empower the underlying purpose, and help others leverage the power of ventures to solve critical problems.

Systemic Venture Building

Building new organizations from the ground up that can have a transformational impact on society.

Fresh is our inaugural venture studio aimed at addressing systemic challenges in the food system.

Systemic Entrepreneurship Lab

Building the capacity of the venture ecosystem to create systemic change through research and development, piloting and testing, and knowledge dissemination. Our white paper outlines our approach to building ventures for systemic impact.

Work with us

Collaboratively building new ventures and initiatives aimed at systemic change

Are you building new entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at transformative change?​ We’re collaborative entrepreneurs by nature. We encourage you to explore the various ways we could work together, and we always welcome a direct email.

Working with actors in the venture ecosystem to maximize their impact

Collaboratively building new ventures and initiatives aimed at systemic change

venture programs

We work with accelerators, incubators, and hackathons to maximize the impact of their cohorts of entrepreneurs and ventures


We work with investors to construct systemic venture strategies and improve the systemic impact of their portfolios

Governments, Cities & Municipalities

We work with local and national governments to construct new initiatives to spur systemic entrepreneurship and solve key local challenges

Universities and business schools

We work with educational institutions to augment their curriculums and initiatives to train the systemic leaders of the future

Transitioning the agrifood system

Apply to Fresh

Fresh launches in 2021 to work alongside passionate entrepreneurs to address the most pressing problems in agrifood through scalable impact-ventures. Apply now for the coming cohort.

Partner with Fresh

Fresh brings together knowledge institutions, investors, corporates, and other key stakeholders to transition the food system to a regenerative food system.




Ventures Program Lead


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