Metabolic Ventures

Building organizations that embed new economic principles and help transform our economic system to a fundamentally sustainable state.

Our mission is to implement new economic principles by building and supporting ventures that address critical societal challenges.

Metabolic Ventures believes that a new economic system is necessary, entrepreneurial organizations can be vehicles for systems change, and that governance and finance represent critical leverage points for innovation. We work to make it easier for entrepreneurs and their stakeholders to build deeply impactful organizations.

We build new ventures and venture programs, innovate upon models for financing, governance, and collaboration, and support other organizations in adopting principles to build ventures suited for a new economy.

What We Do

Build Ventures

Design and implement venture-building programs that take a systems approach to transform key sectors of our economic system

Test New Models

Evolve models for finance, governance, IP, and impact delivery that put new economic principles into practice


Support a range of stakeholders, including financiers, non-profits, and other venture builders to understand and embed systemic venturing approaches

Who We Work With

We collaborate with actors in the venture ecosystem to advance systemic venture building and new economy organizations

Venture Builders

Guiding venture builders, venture-building programs and related stakeholders to deepen the impact of their programs, processes, and curricula.


Partnering with investors and philanthropies to identify the right mechanisms to support new economy ventures while managing risk/return profiles.


Supporting local and national governments in embedding new economy principles within organizations that address regional challenges.

Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Supporting organizations committed to systems change by improving their value delivery models and preparing them to scale their impact.

Project in the Spotlight

Transitioning the agrifood system

We co-founded Fresh Ventures Studio in 2020 to build new ventures that address systemic challenges in the agrifood system. Today more than 10 ventures are already working to accelerate a circular and regenerative food system. Visit the Fresh website to explore these ventures or apply for the program.

Explore Our Work

News & Resources

Our tools and resources are designed for anyone interested in understanding how to build or support systemic ventures.

Metabolic Ventures has published its first white paper explaining what the organization views as key principles and approaches for building new companies that have a transformative impact on society.

How can layered vegetables help us understand the risks of transformative ventures?

The sustainability impact and risk assessment platform to support your organization’s nature and biodiversity strategy.

Designing solutions and organizations that provide the best chances for success.

How to think about a theory of change and why impact-driven enterprises need one.

Immersing in the idea maze to navigate system change.

Why identifying the role a venture plays can be so critical, and how to begin thinking about it.

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