Eva Laláková

Ventures Program Lead

Eva joined Metabolic in 2018 and currently works as a Program Lead at Metabolic Ventures. She manages several international programs focused on the circular economy transition across the EU, which focus on enabling a variety of stakeholders in the venture ecosystem to approach social entrepreneurship with a systemic lens. As part of her work, she focuses on facilitating systemic venture building, generating and codifying new knowledge and approaches, and piloting novel financing and governance approaches fit for driving transformative impact across sectors. 

Prior to this, Eva worked as a Project Manager and a Sustainability Consultant at Metabolic Consulting, specializing in sustainable finance and circular products and services. In her role, she has managed and executed a range of projects with major global players, including large financial institutions, leading manufacturers of household consumer goods and electronics, and sustainable e-commerce platforms.

Eva comes from Prague in Czechia and spent her adult life living in Canada, Scotland, and the Netherlands, where she received her education. During her interdisciplinary studies, she focused on linking environmental and business topics, and she became passionate about using business and entrepreneurship as a vehicle to create a more sustainable world.

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