We look for leverage points within systems to create maximum impact.

Metabolic has three core focus areas.

Driven by a common overarching mission, our consulting, think tank, and venture building arms tackle emerging sustainability challenges with unique approaches and strengths.


We provide data-driven insights and strategic advice to a range of organizations, helping them to make more sustainable decisions and develop successful circular economic business models.


Metabolic Institute is an applied research lab that tackles fundamental research questions relating to our planetary limits. We produce datasets and tools to inform researchers, analysts, and policy makers.

Venture building

Metabolic Ventures creates new enterprises that have the focus, design, and strategy to have game-changing impacts on society. We also help entrepreneurs and investors guide capital to where it's needed most.


Metabolic’s work for cities, companies, and NGOs, ranges from circular economy roadmaps and development masterplans, to resource management strategies and new designs for products, supply chains, or sectors. Core to all of our work is a systems approach.  


To change the status quo, we must understand it first. Our systems analysis approach provides data-driven insights that reveal impact hotspots and value drains, potential risks, and clear opportunities for intervention.


Organizations need their strategies to adapt to a fast-changing global context. Based on experience across a broad range of sectors, we produce future-focused strategies to advance specific sustainability goals.

Design & Implementation

Driving change at scale requires moving fluidly from thinking to doing. Combining design, engineering and a user-centred focus, we realize on-the-ground projects that make ambitious sustainability ideas tangible.

Tool Development

To properly embed sustainability into decision-making, organizations must equip themselves with the right tools. We develop software that manages complex analysis behind the scenes, as well as dashboards and monitoring tools that track and visualize key metrics.

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A non-profit think tank working at the intersection of academic research and real-world experimentation, Metabolic Institute develops, tests, and shares open datasets and tools that build collective intelligence on global sustainability issues. 


Investigating sectoral or global issues independently and in depth, with a focus on testing and application.


Convening stakeholder groups around a common vision to advance collective intelligence.

Datasets and Tools

Developing open-source datasets, platforms, and tools to support improved decision-making.

Venture Building

Metabolic’s venture building arm develops moonshots that address global challenges at scale. We also empower entrepreneurs and investors with critical knowledge to help focus their efforts on the right impacts, and develop new models for impact finance that create mechanisms that guide capital to where it’s needed most.

Internal Venture building

Developing moonshots that can rapidly transition our economy and society towards a fundamentally more sustainable state.

Global Challenges

Empowering entrepreneurs and investors with critical knowledge to help focus and inform their efforts on the right systemic challenges.

Impact Finance

Developing new models, mechanisms, and measurements for impact finance that guide capital to where it’s needed most.

Our Clients

A selection of the clients we have worked with.