Helping forward-thinking organisations put sustainability and circular economy strategies into action.

Metabolic’s work for cities, companies, and NGOs, ranges from strategic insights, circular economy roadmaps, and development masterplans, to resource management strategies and new designs for products, supply chains, or sectors. Core to all of our work is a systems approach. We analyse impacts and develop strategies and implementation plans that balance practicality and potential, while avoiding burden-shifting and rebound effects. 

Some organisations ask for help with a particular step or precise problem, others ask for advice throughout the process. We are happy to do both.


To change the status quo, we must first understand it. Our systems analysis approach provides data-driven insights that reveal impact hotspots and value drains, potential risks, and clear opportunities for intervention.


Organizations need their strategies to adapt to a fast-changing global context. Based on experience across a broad range of sectors, we produce future-focused strategies to advance specific sustainability goals.

Design & Implementation

Driving change at scale requires moving fluidly from thinking to doing. Combining design, engineering and a user-centred focus, we realize on-the-ground projects that make ambitious sustainability ideas tangible.

Tool Development

To properly embed sustainability into decision-making, organizations must equip themselves with the right tools. We develop software that manages complex analysis behind the scenes, as well as dashboards and monitoring tools that track and visualize key metrics.

Our Clients