Metabolic Foundation

Empowering communities through the democratization of technology.

Metabolic Foundation is a participatory action organization with the mission to empower people and improve cities through guiding community-driven development, building open source solutions, stimulating social entrepreneurship, and manifesting sustainable urbanism. The Foundation team is currently based on the island of Aruba.


Collaborating with existing grassroots initiatives in local communities.


Co-developing pilots that test community-focused solutions.


Identifying and democratizing technologies that address common needs.


Publishing resources that support the spread of small-scale sustainability.


Stimulating social and environmental entrepreneurship.

Community solutions

Co-creating nodes for community initiatives and localized innovation.

Highlighted projects

Brenchie’s Lab is a network of publicly accessible makerspaces. With its main location in the National Library of Aruba, the space is open to the public five days a week to support students, artists, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and curious citizens interested in the potential of digital fabrication, open technology, and co-learning.

Plastic Beach Party is a community-driven effort to introduce plastic recycling to Aruba. The facility has a collection of open-access machinery that turns large volumes of the island’s plastic waste into reusable, plastic intensive products, and re-recyclable products and works with the community to develop ways to reduce plastic waste on the island.

In collaboration with the Government of Aruba’s Futura Lab and the National Library of Aruba, Mo-B Lab is a mobile makerspace that visits schools on the Island of Aruba. The lab is equipped with tools like 3D printers and digital drawing pads, exposing children to new technologies and tools to be able to design, make, and fix in a future circular economy.


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