Sustainable finance

Sustainable finance is key to a resilient future.

The finance sector is a critical leverage point for positive change. Through availability of credit and cost of capital, the finance sector shapes the structure of the economy.

The coming decades will bring new types of risks and opportunities for financial institutions. We work to support these institutions in making more sustainable decisions, by assessing both risks and impacts across multiple areas, as well as guiding investments towards new circular economic opportunities.


With members of the Systemic Climate Action Collaborative, we aim to unlock “The Missing Trillions” of dollars that are missing in the fight against climate change. We aim to forge new connections and enact practical strategies to bridge the climate finance gap.

How we work towards sustainable finance

We work with financial institutions in the transition to a circular and sustainable economy. We can help organizations understand and mitigate risks from environmental impacts, and create new, innovative forms of sustainable value.

Strategy Development

Using systems thinking and data science, we help you minimize your environmental impact while achieving your financial targets.

Climate Risk Assessment

We have developed an innovative approach to assessing the nonlinear risks to financial institutions from climate change and other environmental impacts​.

Portfolio Impact Assessment

Our data science team helps you identify the full environmental impacts in your portfolio, across multiple planetary boundaries, and develop strategies to mitigate and minimize these impacts.

Circular Finance

We work with financial institutions in the transition to a circular economy. We help design circular business and financing models, and help your organisation understand its role in the circular economy

New Product Development

We help financial institutions develop new products and services that meet the needs of their clients while creating sustainable value.

Sector Analysis

Using our unique systems thinking approach, we help financial institutions assess the risks and opportunities in sectors, geographies, or global value chains.

Together with businesses, governments, and non-profits, we accelerate a sustainable economy.



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Real Estate: Automated sustainability assessments of real estate portfolios

We developed an indicator framework that allows financial institutions to automatically assess the sustainability performance of a property before they decide to invest.


Value-at-Risk from Environmental Impacts

Together with WWF, Metabolic developed an innovative approach to understanding the financial risks to asset managers from complex sustainability impacts in the Blue Economy

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Impact Measurement: Scope 3 portfolio impact assessment

We helped a financial institution evaluate the Scope 3 impact savings resulting from financed circular businesses within the portfolio.


Sustainable Finance: Science-Based Targets for Finance

Together with, PGGM, a Dutch pension fund, we developed a set of indicators to evaluate an investment portfolio on science-based targets and circular economy performance.


Circular Insurance

We worked with a leading Dutch insurance company to develop circular insurance products, using systems thinking and impact assessment techniques to identify the most promising ones for implementation.


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Our finance team focuses on sustainable investment, risk management and resilience, and working with the financial sector to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.