The Missing Trillions

Unlocking finance solutions to combat climate change: The Missing Trillions movement and event series.

Where's the money?

At COP26, the world pledged $130 trillion to fight climate change. So where is it?

Our world is at a climate crossroads. To limit global warming to 1.5°C, we need more than $4.5 trillion each year by 2030.

But we are falling far short of this goal, allocating less than one-third of what’s required. Trillions of dollars are still missing in the fight against climate change.

Join Metabolic, in collaboration with the Systemic Climate Action Collaborative, as we unlock “The Missing Trillions.” We aim to forge new connections and enact practical strategies to bridge the climate finance gap.

An Event Series: Embark on a Journey

The Missing Trillions event series is designed to challenge assumptions and reshape mindsets. Together with our partners and the global community, we are diving deep into the hidden handbrakes that impede the flow of climate finance. Our mission is to create actionable hypotheses that break down structural barriers, refined with input from global actors, to form a coordinated systemic action plan. By spanning multiple gatherings across the year, we aim to create moments of continuity and accountability where we collectively track progress on commitments that have been made.

This series spans key global events:

The Missing Trillions: Preparatory Meeting

At Climate Week NYC ‘23, we began the series by convening stakeholders to co-create the most impactful event format and approach for the series.

The Missing Trillions: Announcement

At COP28 in Dubai, we convened stakeholders to announce the initiative and begin to explore diagnoses of the problem.

The Missing Trillions: Root Causes

At Davos 2023, we examined systemic barriers to accelerating climate finance in dialogue with selected experts and a curated group of financiers, implementers, and enablers.

The Missing Trillions: Breaking Down Barriers

(location TBD - targeting May) We will share 3 hypotheses to overcome these barriers, resulting in an open call to gather collective insight to refine those hypotheses.

The Missing Trillions: Taking Action

At Climate Week NYC ‘24, we will share the results of the open call and refine action pathways. Actors will commit to the pathways whose results will be shared at the next event.


January 17, 2024,


Climate Hub DavosKulturplatz, 58C Promenade, Davos, 7270


Metabolic, on behalf of the Systemic Climate Action Collaborative

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Save the Date: Davos

Expert practitioners in the corporate, policy, and investment sectors will critically examine three identified barriers and common beliefs. Together we will address those beliefs based on their experiences and insights from the audience. We encourage participants to be critical and move beyond the conventional solutions that have dominated discussions for decades. 

Our event is designed to foster enduring collaborations among participants and align existing work to overcome these barriers. Let’s engage in honest critique and assessment of the current limitations in existing proposals, paving the way for refinement and implementation.

“Climate funding tends to go to the most straightforward projects, such as wind and solar farms, or electric vehicle charging infrastructure. But those are not necessarily the type of investments that will drive the structural changes to move us toward a fundamentally equitable and decarbonized economy.”

What happens next?

Following a series of events and discussions, our aim is to maintain the momentum by launching working groups composed of subject matter leaders and experts. Through the exploration of barriers and the formulation of hypotheses to overcome them, we are confident that together, we can pave the way towards a system capable of unlocking the missing trillions. The following topics serve as starting points for discussion, as we seek to uncover actionable interventions to address systemic barriers in climate finance.

Demand Construction

Working Group 1 could focus on Demand Construction, project-side enablement, and market signaling.

Transition Governance

Working Group 2 could explore Transition Governance, designs and protocols that distribute rather than concentrate benefits.

Capital Formation

Working Group 3 could look at Capital Formation, scalable, replicable, understood structures and instruments to speed primary issuance and secondary liquidity.

Share Your Ideas

Working Group X: Did we miss something? Please feel free to suggest your own topic and set up a time to lead a working session. Contact us in the form below.

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