Innovating for circular and sustainable supply chains.

Most business leaders see a pressing need to integrate sustainable practices into their supply chains, but the majority are faced with exceptionally complex decisions. The data needed to understand and better manage resources is often buried in inaccessible places, and is difficult to decode and act on.  

From electronics to energy technologies, we help organizations navigate complexity at every step of the manufacturing supply chain, from extraction, through processing and refining, to assembly and design, and use and disposal. A smart combination of data analysis and systems thinking is critical.



We analyzed the supply chain and production dynamics of wind turbines and solar panels to understand whether current global supply of these metals is sufficient to meet growing renewable energy demands. 

How we work towards circular business

Our circular production team helps companies to design and source in a more circular way, and to build more sustainable and resilient supply chains. 

Impact assessment

We help companies understand the impacts of specific business decisions by assessing impacts across a range of scales, from footprint analyses for specific products, to systems maps for entire value chains.

Circular product and system design

We work with businesses to incorporate circular economics and deep sustainability practices into their business models and supply chains.

Sustainable sourcing strategies

Together with companies and NGOs, we deliver data-driven strategies focused on the opportunities and pitfalls of specific sourcing decisions; weighing up trade-offs for the most genuinely sustainable pathway forward.

Circular procurement

We help businesses and industries minimize their impacts by identifying the lowest impact products with the highest material recoverability, moving towards a more circular materials consumption model.

Together with businesses, governments, and non-profits, we accelerate a sustainable economy.




Consultant & Industries Team Lead

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Pieter leads Metabolic’s circular industries team, supporting companies in their transition to a sustainable state by undertaking analysis and developing strategies based on advanced systems thinking.