Sustainability Consultant Intern (Circular Products and Industries)

About Metabolic

Metabolic’s mission is to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable state. We advise governments, businesses, and NGOs on how to adapt to a fast-changing global context. Combining systems thinking and data science, we map and understand local and global systems to assess where to intervene and develop solutions that can dramatically shift how the economy functions.

We are an international and dynamic team of around 95 people who share an ambition for catalyzing a sustainable future. Based in the Netherlands with an increasingly global reach, we work at the cutting edge of sustainability initiatives for a broad range of clients across the Netherlands, Europe, the US, and Asia.

About the Position

Metabolic’s Circular Products & Industries clusters focus on projects related to the impact reduction of implementing circular business models for clients in government, NGOs, and private sector organizations.  Our work includes mapping production systems’ impacts and designing circular product service systems with stakeholders across production value chains. Besides, our team identifies opportunities to shift linear production systems towards lifetime extension, reuse, repair, and remanufacturing. 

The cluster also offers support to the Dayrize team. Dayrize is an e-commerce platform that aims to fundamentally shift consumerism to a more sustainable state by scoring individual products across five sustainability dimensions: Climate, Circularity, Biodiversity, Livelihoods & wellbeing, and Purpose. Metabolic has developed the methodology by which this score is calculated and is still responsible for further development of the method and for building out the underlying data sets.   

As a consulting intern, you work within the consulting team and receive as much responsibility as you’re interested in taking on. The role focuses on research, analysis, and data collection and processing. Still, it can stretch to include many other parts of consulting, or even other parts of the organization, depending on your personal development goals.

The position lasts for five to six months and starts in November 2022. The internship requires four to five days of work per week.

This internship provides a stipend amounting to €835,80 per month based on 40 hours per week.


We are looking for someone with/who:

  • Desired skills /experience/knowledge:
    • Process analysis and design
    • Excel or advanced data processing skills
    • Life Cycle / Carbon Footprint Assessment
    • Nice-to-have: some affiliation to coding
  • Research experience (i.e., via a university degree or work experience)
  • Great analytical skills
  • The ability to work independently
  • Enjoys fast-paced environments and adapting to uncertainty
  • Strong attention to detail, accuracy, and organization
  • Great team working skills
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills (English)
  • Self-awareness of personal career development goals

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an internship with Metabolic, the following criteria must be met (non-negotiable):

  • Enrolled in a relevant master’s degree
  • Have, or be able to apply for a residence permit in the Netherlands (valid for working purposes and the entire duration of the internship)
  • Have, or be able to request, a BSN (burgerservicenummer/citizen service number)

To apply

To apply, please upload your CV and copy of a letter of motivation in English via the apply button below. In case of questions, please feel free to contact us through [email protected].

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, 27th September 2022 at 23:59 CET.