Software Product Marketing Intern

About Metabolic Software

Metabolic is an ecosystem of organizations that aims to accelerate the transition of the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable state. Metabolic’s software arm serves as the software branch of the ecosystem, embedding earth systems intelligence and sustainability assessment into internal and external tools that support Metabolic’s overall mission. Our goal is to develop tools that provide the most accurate and insightful sustainability intelligence to decision-makers around the world, democratizing access to this expertise in the process.

We are a growing team consisting of front-end and back-end developers, project managers and a UX designer. The team is currently transitioning from an internal software department working project-based to a more independent team focusing on Metabolic’s future software products.

About the Internship

As an intern for Metabolic Software, you will participate in market and user research to refine our future software offerings. As a young company in the fast-growing field of circularity, we are faced with rapidly changing customer demands and priorities. Your role will be to help us understand the current demands and project them into the future, which will ultimately enable us to prioritize future developments in our roadmap.

In your role, you will be focusing primarily on the following activities:

  • Analyze market demands for circular software solutions
  • Uncover unmet needs for software and features as they relate to Metabolic Software’s offerings
  • Research existing offerings and the features of competitors of Metabolic Software
  • Independently create market research documentation and present the results to relevant stakeholders
  • Document how the market is currently segmented and how Metabolic’s software offerings fit into existing market segments
  • Write public-facing documentation of broad features of Metabolic’s software offering
  • Provide input to Metabolic Software’s future strategy based on market research
  • Conduct interviews with users and decision-makers with the goal of understanding their needs and decision-making criteria
  • Contribute to Metabolic Software’s future roadmap by synthesizing multiple inputs into a clear vision of future needs

The position lasts for 5-6 months and starts in the first week of September, 2021 (although exact starting date is flexible). The internship requires 4-5 days of work per week.

This internship provides a stipend amounting to €400/month pro-rata.


  • Study background in Business Administration, Marketing or a similar field
  • Experience with software marketing or other experience with software development is a plus
  • Fluent in English, Dutch is a plus
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Strong motivation to learn about and contribute to a circular future
  • Able to work independently
  • Great team working skills
  • An energetic, solutions-focussed, proactive spirit

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an internship with Metabolic the following criteria must be met (non-negotiable):

  • Have a residence permit in the Netherlands (valid for working purposes and the entire duration of the internship)
  • Have or are able to obtain a BSN (burgerservicenummer/citizen service number)

How to apply

To apply, please use this form. You will be asked to upload your CV and copy over a letter of motivation. In case of questions, please feel free to contact us through

The deadline to apply is Friday, 30 July 2021 at 23:59 CET.