Zac Mitchell

Junior Sustainability Consultant, Finance

Zac is part of the growing sustainable finance team at Metabolic working to address the barriers to funding the sustainability transition. With a background in Environmental Economics, he believes that having the right systems and incentives in place can ensure the economy will serve mankind more effectively. He believes that economies should aim to foster prosperity for both humans and nature by optimizing well-being within planetary boundaries.

Raised in Hampshire in the south of the UK, Zac spent his free time playing team sports, walking his dogs, and laughing with friends. He enjoys living and working in Amsterdam and exploring the beautiful continent of Europe by train. 

Outside of work, Zac has a daily yoga and meditation practice. He is a flow-staff performer and loves to cook vegetarian food from a variety of culinary cultures. During the evenings, he loves to read fantasy and Eastern philosophy with a cup of tea.

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