Wenxin Lin

Data Analyst

We can not only focus on profit and minimal costs if we want to sustain a healthy life on our planet. We need to radically change the building blocks of our economy.

Focusing on data analytics in the Industries division, Wenxin is excited to use her enthusiasm and analytical skills to help organizations gain insight into their impact on our planet.

After growing up in Venlo, Wenxin studied econometrics at Tilburg University and earned her master’s in Business Analytics and Operations Research. During her studies, she discovered her affinity for solving mathematical puzzles and coding, but she missed a fit with her passion for sustainability. In 2022, she participated in the Dutch National ThinkTank, where she researched the biodiversity crisis in the Netherlands and worked to develop solutions. Here she crossed paths with Metabolic and found the perfect match combining her passions: contribute to a sustainable economy by solving complex puzzles.

In her free time, you will often find Wenxin running through Amsterdam’s parks or hiking in the mountains beyond the Netherlands. She also loves to visit the cinema, attend music festivals, and roam thrift shops in search of quirky stuff.

Wenxin is developing a circular seed cooperative called Het Kiemcollectief to transform the Dutch seed business.

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