Valerie Gies


Valerie is passionate about transforming society into a sustainable state. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Innovation from TU Eindhoven, specializing in the built environment. She continued her studies at Wageningen University, earning a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences with a focus on systems thinking. Her interdisciplinary background enables her to analyze a wide range of sustainability challenges.

As part of Metabolic’s built environment team, Valerie is eager to collaborate with clients to develop building practices within planetary boundaries. She is passionate about innovative materials and motivated to create circular cities. Originally from Amsterdam, she is excited to apply her knowledge within her city and beyond.

In her free time, Valerie enjoys spending time outdoors. She loves long walks through cities and nature, urban gardening, going to the cinema, attending concerts and festivals, and doing arts and crafts, preferably with friends and family.

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