Toni Kuhlmann


I believe that reducing consumption, and thus transitioning to a fundamentally sustainable society, can improve quality of life and begins with valuing the small things in life.

Together with the Built Environment team at Metabolic, Toni strives to transition the construction sector towards a circular and sustainable state. Her background in sustainable urban development helps her analyze and understand the interconnections between humans and their built and natural environments.

She holds an MSc in Metropolitan Analysis, Design, and Engineering from both TU Delft and Wageningen University. During her studies, she focused on a wide variety of urban challenges, such as mobility and construction. She went on to apply this knowledge at an engineering firm and a foundation for sustainable construction. In her role as project manager at Metabolic, Toni provides a structured approach for all project participants and clear communication for the client.

In her free time, Toni enjoys the small things in life, like a walk in the park while the sun rises, a bike tour to the beach, or drinking a cup of coffee with a friend. This aligns with her belief that a transition to sustainability is rooted in “reduction.”

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