Thomas Rieff


After completing an internship at the Metabolic Institute, Thomas transitioned to the Cities & Regions consulting team at Metabolic. Armed with a bachelor’s in philosophy, politics, and economics, and a master’s focused on the interplay between governance and sustainability challenges (like the biodiversity crisis and energy transition), Thomas consistently advocates for a systemic approach in his projects. 

Motivated by a sense of justice and a passion for supporting the interconnected, complex ecosystems that serve as home to many species, Thomas works to improve conditions for all. He brings a positive attitude to his work, pushing to understand the complexity of each project before recommending solutions that holistically move the world within planetary boundaries while creating a resilient and interconnected global social foundation. 

In the meantime, he is renowned on his team for making seemingly random sound effects, which add an extra dimension to many a meeting. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, and finding peace either in the mountains or a forest.

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