Thijn Verburg

Junior Researcher

Thijn joined the Metabolic Institute to work on reconnecting humanity with the natural world. As a researcher, he aims to identify systemic root causes and translate those into real-world applications.

After growing up in a small Dutch village, Thijn moved to Eindhoven to study mechanical engineering, develop electric race cars in a student competition, work as a research engineer, and reflect deeply on the disconnects between technology, nature, and society. This led him to volunteer in nature-related initiatives and participate in the 2022 Dutch National Thinktank, where he investigated the national dynamics of biodiversity loss and worked to develop practical solutions.

Applying his technical problem-solving training with a systems thinking perspective, Thijn aims to bring hopeful solutions to the urban environment, for humans to interact with daily.

In his free time, Thijn enjoys getting active in mountain biking, running, swimming, or ice skating. Otherwise, you might find him relaxing with an outdoor walk, accompanied by his camera, or reading a good book.

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