Sam Lubbers

Software Developer

Sustainability is degrowth. Sustainability is redistribution. Sustainability is reparations.

Sam is a software developer and activist who uses his knowledge, skills, and privilege to fight for social, animal, and climate justice. Since graduating with a degree in computer science in 2019, he has volunteered with the tech team of Extinction Rebellion Netherlands, and in September 2020 he joined Metabolic to support the shift towards more sustainable products and services.

Sam believes the climate and ecological crisis is one of the greatest injustices of our time: a crisis in which the most oppressed and marginalized people on our planet are suffering and will suffer the consequences of the unsustainable interests of the rich and powerful.

Sam reads more than 75 books a year, mostly in the area of revolutionary history, revolutionary theory, and revolutionary activism. Some of his favorite authors are Naomi Klein, bell hooks, and Noam Chomsky. Sam’s rarest skill is the mastery of Vim, a text editor developed in the 1990s that takes months to properly learn.

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