Pim Sauter

Backend developer

The problem is simple: infinite growth in a constrained world is impossible. It only seemed possible before because the constraints were never reached.

Pim had not even turned 1 yet when he went camping for the first time with his parents. That was the start of a long love story with nature and the outdoors. 

While studying mathematics and computer science, he focused on the analytical and abstract. As he started his career, he wanted to then work at the intersection of sustainability and technology.

Pim strongly believes that fundamental shifts are needed to make sure we can live on this planet sustainably — transitioning our economy from linear to circular, our energy from fossil to renewable, and our land use from extractive to regenerative. At Metabolic, he is excited to contribute to all of this by creating tools that not only deliver better insights about the present day, but also suggest improvements for the future.

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