Paulina Hagemann

HR Manager - Learning & Development

Paulina focuses on the recruitment and development of Metabolic’s junior team members. She enables recent graduates to build the confidence, knowledge, and skills to become successful sustainability consultants and researchers. She also assists our HR team to provide smooth service for the full company.

Paulina grew up in a small town in Germany, near the border with the Netherlands. She has studied and worked throughout the country, along with one year in Lisbon, focusing on people development and recruiting. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education science and a master’s degree in adult education and lifelong learning. At Metabolic, she is looking forward to contributing to something meaningful, as she feels there is an urgency to fundamentally change how society behaves. Staying within planetary boundaries will ensure that future generations still have a great livelihood and a foundation for freedom of choice.

Outside the office, Paulina enjoys traveling, dancing, playing the piano, and enjoying nature, especially the sea and forests. She is interested in mindfulness practices, and she has never been able to snap her fingers.

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