Olivier de Schaetzen

Entrepreneur at Metabolic Ventures

Long-term sustainable economic development requires long-term sustainable generation of natural resources.

For Olivier the first step towards such a sustainable economy starts with renewable resources generated through regenerative practices, linking economic and environmental wellbeing. As an entrepreneur at Metabolic Ventures, Olivier’s efforts are dedicated to enabling the transition towards regenerative practices through systemic venture building.

Growing up in a rural setting, Olivier developed a passion for the natural environment and it’s complex interactions. He has carried that same passion over to his professional life. As an architect, Olivier guided large-scale inner city redevelopment projects from conception to construction, balancing urban greenery and densification. Parallel to this, he employed his skills in systems thinking and solution design in rural economic development projects in East Africa.

Confronted by environmental degradation and a growing demand for natural resources, Olivier shifted his focus towards environmental economics, regenerative resource generation and landscape restoration at Wageningen University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Climate-KIC.

In his spare time, Olivier can be found climbing, hiking and whenever possible diving. 

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