Niranjana Menon

Program Manager, Ventures

Building systemic ventures is not just addressing certain problems and providing innovative solutions for them, because this inevitably manifests in a ‘business-as-usual’ organizational structure. What we need is a new economic model that enables these ventures to grow and thrive.

Niranjana supports the Ventures team in its mission to leverage the power of ventures and venture-building tools to make the economy more sustainable. Originally from Chennai, India, Niranjana moved to the Netherlands five years ago to pursue a degree in Environmental Science from Wageningen University & Research. 

After graduating with a specialization in environmental economics and policy, Niranjana found her passion in the world of startups when she worked for an NGO that helped refugees build their own businesses.

Apart from being an environmental advocate and a systemic venture-builder, Niranjana is also an Indian diasporic writer, self-publishing one book and currently finishing her first novel on the topic.

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