Nataliya Bondareva

Back-end Developer and Scrum Master

Nataliya’s journey into software was quite a departure from her academic background in Philosophy and International Development. Having realized that she can make a greater impact with more technical skills, Nataliya learned to code and is now developing our software solutions as a back-end developer and facilitating collaboration as scrum master. She is passionate about creating a positive workspace where teams can do their best work.

Nataliya grew up in Moscow before moving to Scotland, where she developed a strong appreciation for nature and a more sustainable way of life. She strongly believes that we have all the tools to build a better world and is excited to be leveraging technology to bring about positive change.

On weekends, she trades her laptop in for a surfboard and loves spending time along the North Sea. On rainy evenings you might find her baking, and she gets her kicks from being outdoors, dancing, and spending time with friends.

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