Nadine Galle_Metabolic

Nadina Galle

Research Fellow

Since early 2016, Nadina’s primary focus at Metabolic has been on mapping urban metabolisms and developing circular economy interventions for various clients, including the City of Amsterdam, the Dutch Wadden Islands, and several festivals. She also founded and is the Academic Director of the world’s first intensive summer course on ‘circular cities’.

Born in the Netherlands and raised in Canada, Nadina has given dozens of talks and keynotes across Europe, Asia, and North America on industrial ecology, circular economics, and geospatial analytics. She has appeared on several shortlists of sustainability pioneers, was nominated for the University of Amsterdam Alumni Award, and chosen as a top digital talent under 26 by The Next Web. She is the co-founder of Green City Watch, an award-winning geoAI platform for the development of urban nature. She holds international degrees in ecology and human evolutionary biology (BSc. Honours) from the University of Toronto, with a minor from the National University of Singapore, and in earth sciences (MSc. cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam, with a thesis on agroecology input-output models at Wageningen University and the University of Hawassa (Ethiopia). Her global mindset has pushed her to work on sustainability projects spanning across five continents.

Nadina has transitioned to a Research Fellow role at Metabolic, while she focuses on her doctorate in Ecological Engineering, exploring and implementing ways to improve urban ecosystems with emerging ‘smart city’ technologies.