Moritz Harzenetter

Executive Assistant to CEO & Project Associate

Moritz is driven by an awareness that our society faces a climate and ecological breakdown if we don’t urgently take transformative action. Knowing that the 2020s are critical for humanity and require extraordinary action and leadership, he joined Metabolic to help leverage our CEO, Eva Gladek, as a global figurehead to spearhead the circularity movement. Next to his role as her executive assistant, Moritz serves the Metabolic ecosystem as a project associate. 

Moritz holds a bachelor’s in political science and a master’s in sustainable development. He has long been dedicated to activism and helped build Extinction Rebellion Netherlands, guided by a belief that social movements are fundamental to driving systemic change.

In his free time, Moritz thrives as a native Bavarian when crossing mountains on a hike, bike, or skis. At the low Dutch altitude, he keeps up his spirits by frolicking with friends, learning the piano, or watching cat content.

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