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Merlijn Blok

Sustainability Consultant

merlijn@metabolic.nl | LinkedIn

Merlijn grew up in the Netherlands. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Wageningen University, where he focused on the analysis of infrastructures and systems in the built environment and the implementation of clean technologies to reach a more sustainable state. Driven by an interest in the required innovation trajectories of these solutions, Merlijn pursued a Master’s in Sustainable Business and Innovation at the University of Utrecht. During his internships, he focused on complex multi-dimensional considerations within key transitions, particularly the energy sector.

Merlijn joined Metabolic in late 2016 and mainly focuses on the transition towards a circular built environment and how it can be facilitated through various interventions. Projects Merlijn works on include topics such as regional metabolism scans, models for urban mining, and indicators and processes for circular tendering.