Mathieu Dasnois

Communications Manager

Mat grew up in the beautiful but geographically unequal city of Cape Town, South Africa, where he worked as a photojournalist. His subsequent studies in political science illuminated global injustices, while his passion for freediving and the sea nurtured a desire to work in the field of conservation. Having found that inequality and sustainability are inextricably linked, Mat seeks to address both in his work.

Mat’s approach to communications draws on his experiences working in newsrooms, political NGOs, and social enterprises tackling sustainability issues. Metabolic’s rigorous approach, idealistic staff, and systems thinking perspective mean that complex issues need to be communicated in an understandable language. This depth is what attracted Mat to the communications department.

He is also passionate about alternative economic models and exploring new ways to measure and exchange value. Mat is one of Metabolic’s many climbers, as well as a kayaker, boxer, and general adventurer.

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