Markus Appelman

Director, Metabolic Software

To move the economy to a sustainable state, we need to reach as many organizations as possible, something that the scalability of software is uniquely positioned to do.

Markus joined Metabolic’s software team to help realize our first independent SaaS product. When released to the market, this product will maximize the impact of Metabolic as a whole using the inherent scalability of software, allowing us to reach additional markets, organizations, and customers that we otherwise could not.

Before joining Metabolic, Markus worked in software-related roles in startups and scale-ups, most recently helping to deliver solar energy to off-grid households for Zola Electric, a company focused on providing sustainable energy to homes and businesses without electricity in West and East Africa. Passionate about the natural world and sustainability, he had long wanted to enter the field before joining the solar company and now Metabolic. 

Markus loves both outdoor sports like skiing, cycling, and hiking, as well as board games. He also enjoys reading, averaging at least one hour each day. 

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