Marine Wallace

Director of Marketing, Communications, and Design

Marine leads the efforts to grow the reach and impact of our brand and work.

From Paris, Marine has dual nationalities with a British father, and she has lived in the Netherlands with her family since 2004. 

After earning a master’s degree in journalism at CELSA-Sorbonne University, she studied business at the London School of Economics. This led her to work most of her career in the field of corporate communications for global brands. She spent more than 15 years working mainly for listed companies, both in-house and as a consultant. 

In 2019, Marine enrolled in a life-changing executive course at the  University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership. She then pivoted her career to focus exclusively on building a new fairer, greener global economy, one that fits within our planet’s boundaries. 

When she’s not at work, you might spot her wearing rollerblades at the Friday Night Skate in Amsterdam, or in boots learning to grow vegetables at her Community Shared Agriculture plot.

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