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Maribelle Mampaeij


‘True sustainability requires not only environmental stewardship but also a deep commitment to nurturing the human spirit and fostering collaboration among all stakeholders. It’s about balancing the needs of the planet with the aspirations of humanity, weaving together the threads of environmental responsibility, social equity, and collective action to create a tapestry of lasting harmony.’

Maribelle Mampaeij, Chief Operating Officer at Metabolic, is an experienced leader passionate about innovation, strategy, and excellence in operations. She started her career in mergers and acquisitions as a corporate lawyer. After moving inhouse she spent more than 10 years working for listed companies, in strategy and transformation. Afterwards she helped as a consultant and COO in scaling impactful philanthropic initiatives.

Maribelle combines innovation, strategy and operational excellence, helping our organization meet its goals. She leads teams with openness and accountability, effectively turning strategic plans into real results. Maribelle is dedicated to creating positive changes within organizations and pushing forward Metabolic’s goal of building a sustainable future.

Outside of work, Maribelle has many interests that add joy to her life. She enjoys scuba diving, trying new foods, and playing field hockey. Most of all, she loves traveling and discovering the world’s beauty with her family.

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