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Margaux Sleckman

Sustainability Consultant

Growing up in California in a French-American family and community, Marguax spent a lot of her upbringing in the outdoors. She quickly developed an interest in the different ecosystems she encountered – from deserts to forests, alpine regions, or riparian or coastal landscapes and a curiosity as to how these natural systems interact with human systems.

Margaux pursued her bachelor’s in Montreal Canada where she combined coursework in social sciences with physical sciences and the environmental field, gaining exposure to international research. Margaux then directed her focus towards environmental problem-solving as a Masters student at Bren School of UC Santa Barbara.

Equipped with local government and research work experience, Margaux joined Metabolic in 2019 as a sustainability consultant for the agrifood team. Margaux is passionate about addressing complex environmental issues from a systems-thinking lens, via data science tools, to develop solutions that are reproducible, scalable, and adaptable to a rapidly changing world.