Maja Johannessen

Sustainability Consultant

“To create a sustainable and prosperous economy that works for all, we need a circular model in which products and materials can safely circulate and maintain their value.”

Driven by a profound interest in developing systemic solutions, Maja loves to work at the intersections of technology, design, economics and policy. As a sustainability consultant, she is part of Metabolic’s Nordic office, based in Copenhagen, and is assisting the growth of the Nordic team. She works towards a circular economy that applies human-centric design and implements new business and economic models that shift financial incentives.

Prior to joining Metabolic, Maja worked almost five years at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, where she was part of accelerating a global transition to a circular economy, through thought leadership and network management. She led the organisation’s policy research programme, provided advisory support to governments and policy institutions, developed a capacity building programme for business support organisations, and led the analysis of the project Circular Economy in Cities focusing on three urban systems; the built environment, mobility, and products. 

Maja grew up in Denmark, and has developed an international mindset having lived in the UK, Belgium, and Iceland. She has an interdisciplinary master’s degree in Technological and Socio-economic Planning, which also includes a bachelor’s degree with focus on technology and design thinking. Combining her studies with practical experience, during her university years she worked in strategic energy planning supporting Danish local authorities in a range of regional and European projects.