Maëla Porcheron

Senior Consultant

I aspire to be a change-maker in our food system, promoting outcome-driven strategies, ensuring that the farmer’s perspective is not just heard but actively embraced, and catalyzing systemic ideas of change into tangible, transformative actions.

Maëla focuses on transforming our food system through regenerative agriculture. She collaborates closely with private sector companies, farmers, NGOs, and public organizations to establish ambitious goals. Her strong commitment lies in steering the conversation toward an outcome-driven approach, ensuring the farmer’s perspective is seriously considered, and catalyzing systemic ideas of change into action.

Born and raised in France, Maëla spent seven years working in the food and cosmetic industry as a buyer, gaining a deep understanding of supply chain intricacies and recognizing the imperative for systemic change. Simultaneously, she started learning about wine production, an initial introduction to the harmonious relationship between agriculture, soil health, and the elevation of farmers as stewards of the land.

In 2020, her impact journey pushed her to move to the Netherlands to dive deeper into Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture, firstly coordinating field implementation projects for reNature and now as an agrifood and biodiversity consultant for Metabolic.

In her spare time, Maëla enjoys paddling on the canals, dancing, practicing yoga, and volunteering on food forests or permaculture projects in and around Amsterdam to keep her hands dirty as frequently as possible.

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