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A healthy natural environment is the foundation for us to thrive and survive, if we wish to live in a socially equal society. We should therefore prioritize human and planetary health as measures of how well an economy is doing. Then we can design a sustainable economic system that is in harmony with Earth’s ecosystems and supports the health of all societal members.

As a data analyst and consultant, Louise helps organizations gain insight into their environmental impacts. In her work she strives to turn insights from data into action, and to guide organizations toward environmental sustainability. With an educational background in economics and environmental sciences, she regards systems thinking as a powerful tool to reach the core of (environmental) issues. At Metabolic, she hopes to contribute to the systemic change that is needed to realize sustainable economies.

Louise’s interest in nature and sustainable living started during her undergraduate studies when she got involved with anti-food waste organizations and cooked with leftover food from local supermarkets for community dinners. From trying to save as much wasted food as possible, she then moved to a fascination with how much waste we produce in general and a desire for a world in which human-generated waste is minimized and serves a purpose as a valuable new resource, similar to the functioning of balanced ecosystems.

In her free time, Louise enjoys outdoor walking or skating, practicing Pilates and meditation, and cooking with music – exploring the vegan cuisine of different world regions in (community) kitchens and connecting with people over good food.

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