Louise Boehm

Sustainable Finance Consultant

Let’s inhabit our planet in such a way that the current and future boundaries of all beings and ecosystems are respected in a fair and equitable manner.

Louise joined the finance consultancy team to help financial institutions and other organizations adopt systems thinking and circularity strategies while keeping their business perspective in mind. 

She studied business administration and finance with the intention of supporting the transition of financial systems. She believes this is a critical leverage point to transition to a new system that respects the planet’s boundaries. Louise gained experience in development and sustainable finance at FMO, the Dutch development bank, where she managed high-impact funds on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Louise wanted to experience first-hand the impact of development activities by working on smaller-scale, on-the-ground projects. During a one-year field mission in Senegal with Enabel, the Belgian development agency, she supported the business development of the new Food Smart Cities program for Rikolto, a Belgian NGO, through fundraising and strategy-setting. This program aims to make the urban food system more sustainable and inclusive in several West African cities.

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