Louisa Durkin

Sustainability Consultant

Louisa applies a granular approach to her sustainability perspective. At a young age, she was fascinated with molecular genetics, pursuing in-depth studies throughout middle school and going on to complete her bachelor’s degree at the University of Rochester in Molecular Genetics. Eager but not yet sure about how to combine her passion for systemic change and molecular science, she decided to pursue a pathway in permaculture and food systems in Australia. Upon her return to the US, she continued to pursue her interest and activism in the digital ledger space, emphasizing the sustainable potential and security risks of blockchains. Meanwhile, working her way up in the restaurant world, she became the general manager of the well-known sustainable restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. In 2018, Louisa moved to Sweden where she completed her master’s degree in Biodiversity and Systematics with a focus on systematic theory and learning how to best measure earth’s biodiversity.

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