Lotje Hogerzeil

Lotje Hogerzeil

Sustainability Consultant

A born-and-bred Amsterdammer, Lotje’s fascination with how natural systems cycle resources sustainably inspired her to push her home city to do the same. She believes urban planning and design is a key leverage point to shift cities to a circular and resilient state, and that designing urban space to resemble sustainable natural ecosystems is the key to bringing urban citizens back to their roots in nature.

Through her training and education, Lotje has developed an approach of thinking in systems and to always approach problems from a social, economic and environmental perspective. In her master’s in Urban Systems Engineering, she focused on the spatial factors influencing urban water and energy consumption, in order to identify Urban Metabolic Types for resource-efficient city planning and design. Her specialization further fostered her interest in geospatial mapping of urban resource flows, a core focus which she cultivates and branches out from as a sustainability consultant at Metabolic. Her aim is to thereby engage key academic, governmental and commercial players in the urban environment to close resource cycles.

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