Julie Capps

HR Manager, Data & Analytics

“To create a more sustainable society, I believe we must stay as close to nature as possible: in how we dress, in what we eat, and how we think and work together. That’s how we can learn how to better communicate and coexist with ALL that inhabit our planet.”

As an HR Manager within Metabolic’s People & Operations Team, Julie focuses on data and analytics. With five-plus years in consulting, Julie has experience in a wide range of HR topics such as talent and performance, learning and development, HR systems implementation, and HR data and reporting. Julie feels incredibly inspired to be a part of a purpose-driven organization, and to work with individuals motivated to use business as a source of good. 

Julie has always felt a deep connection to her natural environment as a source of personal balance and well-being. While living in the Nordics, she was introduced to winter-bathing and social sauna culture. Her experiences left a lasting impact, as she felt a renewed sense of appreciation for nature across the seasons. Julie was inspired to share her experience with the Amsterdam community and worked with De Ceuvel to establish BADHUS, a Nordic-inspired sauna experience on the waterfront terrain.

When she is not hosting events at the sauna, Julie also enjoys staying active through bouldering, yoga, volleyball, or walking in Amsterdamse Bos with her dog.

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