Julián Burgos

Backend Developer

Do you believe in sustainability? Don’t tell. Show it with your daily behavior.

At Metabolic, Julián is excited to contribute his software expertise to show the world that systemic change is possible, for a more ethical world at both the environmental and social levels. His previous work as a software engineer at other companies with divergent values left him feeling alienated from his work. When he looked for an employer that aligned with his own values, he knew Metabolic was a fit.

Julián’s connection to sustainability and the environment is multifaceted. On the one hand, he loves nature. From watching the tiniest bug to climbing the tallest mountain, Julián loves being around natural environments and marveling at what they offer. He especially enjoys observing wildlife. On the other hand, given our privileged capabilities, he firmly believes that we as humans have a responsibility towards our planet. He tries not to qualitatively separate humans from any other living beings. In addition, Julián believes it is important to try to live a healthy and full life with a respectful and harmonious relationship with the planet; not trying to do so is an act of selfishness.

His favorite animals are corvids, or crows. He gets mesmerized by watching them do basically anything.

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