Joris Overmeer

Data Scientist & Policy Researcher

Joris employs a diverse background to do his part in helping society move to a more sustainable state. He has worked in the climate movement since 2018, initially working on climate campaigns and later working in youth advocacy for more ambitious climate policy in the Netherlands and Europe. He has also briefly worked at the European Commission on youth participation in climate policy.

This work took on even more meaning when he watched the documentary Before the Flood one fateful day while obtaining a bachelor’s in computer science. Its message made him realize that the climate crisis was one of the most urgent problems of our time. Not long after, he found himself entrenched in the climate movement and learned more about our sustainability challenges with every passing day. With a new understanding that our sustainability problems are a lot broader than just climate change, he realized that climate change is just a symptom of a larger, broken system.

Today, Joris works as a data analyst at Metabolic to help build this new system. He believes that data is one of the keys to align policies with a sustainable future. He believes that there are plenty of organizations that want to make a sustainability transition but simply do not know how to approach it. Through his work, Joris helps these organizations by making complex systems more understandable and more accessible for interventions with a lasting impact.

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