Joris Bouwens

Senior Consultant

To strive for sustainability is to strive for the longevity of a global society that is worth living in for all of its members.

Joris is a project manager and senior consultant in Metabolic’s circular Industries team. In this role, he manages Lucy, the methodology and calculator behind the score for Dayrize, a sustainable e-commerce marketplace.

After obtaining a master’s degree in industrial ecology, he worked as an IT consultant for Cognizant. He focused on data science and dev-ops, grew as a product owner, and co-created a partnership program for scale-ups operating in the digital space. As an entrepreneur in educational services, he also co-founded HOMi, and he has spent 10 long summers at the theatre festival De Parade, overseeing F&B logistics and becoming a famed forklift driver. 

Joris is firmly committed to contributing to the transition towards a circular economic system that is able to sustain an egalitarian and prosperous society. He does this by approaching problems from a systems perspective, pulling from his broad, interdisciplinary education and his diverse professional experience. 

He spends his free time roaming the streets of Amsterdam, in search of discarded building materials to create furniture, pizza ovens, sheds, and perhaps, one day, a tiny house.

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