Jonathan Aronson


Jonathan is a project manager in the Agrifood and Biodiversity division, helping to build agricultural systems that are congruent with the ecological and social contexts in which they are situated. With a background in ecology, he is experienced in system transitions through his work helping to shape the state of wildlife and renewable energy policy and practice.

Growing up on the slopes of Table Mountain, Jonathan spent countless hours in nature. Undergraduate field camps at the University of Cape Town broadened his fascination with the natural world, teaching him to wonder about biodiversity and ecosystems through the lens of science. Later, a thought experiment about Theseus’ ship while driving through Botswana to survey birds sparked an interest in the complexity of social-ecological systems, leading to his interest in systems thinking and its application to sustainability.

Jonathan’s passion for his work comes from his inquisitive character and the many wild, natural landscapes he has visited, from the Kruger National Park to the French Alps, with their people and ecology. These places inspire him to spend his free time traveling, bouldering, hiking, or kayaking. Just as importantly, they also motivate him to help his clients with their sustainability challenges.

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