Jette Dingemans


Working for Metabolic as a researcher perfectly aligns with Jette’s principles of raising awareness and building knowledge on how we can tackle the problems we are facing with a warming planet.

Those values have a trashy beginning, but in a good way. What opened Jette’s eyes and started her passion for sustainability was “dumpster diving” in Denmark.  She used to find heaps of discarded but otherwise really good food and would compete amongst friends on who could go the longest without grocery shopping (some people lasted for months). Not only was it great for her personal finances, but Jette found it really heart-breaking to see how much solid food was being wasted. This solidified her interest in a more sustainable world, which guides the choices she makes in daily life and her professional approach to research.

Jette has a multidisciplinary background: a bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Sciences in Middelburg with a focus on Psychology, Religion, and Social History; a master’s in Rotterdam in Global History and International Relations; a second master’s abroad in Security Risk Management in Copenhagen. The latter she quickly tailored to focus on environmental risk and the security issues that arise from climatic changes, as most of her peers in Denmark were studying Climate Change and/or environmentally conscious in their daily life.

When she’s not working, Jette loves to be outside running, swimming, reading, cycling, hiking, or practicing yoga.

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