Ivan Thung

Senior Consultant

Ivan focuses on circularity in the construction sector, managing one of our larger-scale collaborative projects, the Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC), a powerful coalition that aims to develop an analysis and shared understanding of the challenges facing the construction sector in Europe during its transition to more sustainable models.

Ivan and his team conduct research on decarbonizing the built environment, net zero buildings, reducing construction’s carbon footprint, and supporting climate-proof buildings in Europe. Together with our team and the program partners, he guides the development, scope, and execution of a systems analysis of the European built environment and construction sector.

Ivan has devoted himself to understanding and planning for sustainable cities across the globe. He previously worked at UN-Habitat, where he developed strategies for urban recovery and reconstruction in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Before that, he was an urban planner for projects in Rotterdam, South Africa, Somalia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Kenya. He holds an MSc in Architecture from TU Delft and a BA of Philosophy from Erasmus University.

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