Irene Beers

Director of Sustainable Industries

Irene joined Metabolic in 2023 and heads the Sustainable Industries Consulting Division. She holds a master’s in business administration and also studied art history. Irene has always been fascinated by transforming and enriching data into intelligence for decision-making. After working in business-to-business and scientific publishing, she was a sustainability consultant for retailers and producers in the consumer goods industry. She worked with multinational organizations to make their value chains more sustainable, using validated data. 

Irene strongly believes that connecting perspectives and disciplines can improve outcomes. Through her extensive work experience, she recognizes both the necessity of systems thinking and innovation, as well as the power of taking small, pragmatic steps. 

In her spare time, you can find Irene walking or jogging in her beloved dunes between Egmond and Schoorl, or immersed in fiction, both books and films.

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