Harmen Heida

Data Analyst

As part of the Built Environment team, Harmen provides applicable insights by utilizing his analytical and data skills. He enjoys blending computer-based work with stakeholder interactions and believes that exchanging knowledge, skills, and a vision is crucial to transition towards a sustainable economy.

Harmen is driven to solve environmental sustainability issues because he is worried that the Earth’s livability will be compromised by humanity exceeding the planet’s boundaries. He focuses on the built environment because there is still ample opportunity here to create a positive impact due to the outsized impact of material usage and the significant separation between humans and nature.

Harmen thrives within a multidisciplinary context and prefers to think in systems, which fits perfectly with Metabolic’s methods. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Medicine (Utrecht University) and a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence (Utrecht University). As a member of a multidisciplinary team in the Nationale DenkTank 2022, he aimed to tackle the biodiversity crisis by conducting in-depth analysis and delivering practical solutions. Harmen focuses on how to make nature-inclusive construction the norm in the Netherlands.

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